Alisa Barsegyan - Ms. Alisa
Creative Director

Alisa and Eerren met in high school where they connected because of their passion for art. They both went to a private art school on their off time. Alisa remembers bonding over their art practice in their high school ceramics studio, making sculptures, laughing and building what they found out later to be a lifelong friendship. 

With more openings and shows, she, then, decided to start teaching art. As she began teaching to only a couple of students at a time, while still running the gallery, she increased her student list and began growing at a normal pace, through referrals. Today, she has a 1200 square foot studio space on Commerce Avenue in Tujunga,  California and, with the help of her staff, they are offering art lessons to 100 plus students. As they transition into a non-profit, Eerren has many goals and dreams for the studio to keep growing and be able to reach people all around the world. She dreams of reaching those that need a bit of creativity in their life and do not have necessities due to a variety of life situations and circumstances.

“The studio has been a little haven of mine as I’ve used it for personal space, events, workshops, and classes. It has grown with me as I’ve grown from a young lady into a young woman and mother. We continue to keep the momentum going and are so grateful to do what we love. I am always grateful to God, my family at home, and my family at the studio for what they have given me and done for me so that I would be able to experience today as it is... so beautiful and perfect.” - Eerren