Lilia Davoodian - Ms. Lili
General Manager

Lilia is an Armenian artist born in Tehran, Iran. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Art from an Art Academy in Iran, Lilia moved to Armenia to continue her education. She studied with some of the best professors at the Academy of Fine Art in Yerevan, Armenia. There she found her unique voice, while receiving an MA in illustration. Upon receiving her Masters, she moved back to Iran where she began working as a Senior Illustrator. She illustrated children’s books for Nardeban Books, a publishing company in Tehran. At the same time, she was working as an interior designer for Different Designs, another company based in Tehran. With one hat, Lili juggled the world of children and, with the other, she worked on redesigning cafes and shopping centers for clients. Always wanting to experience and learn new things, she moved to the United States. She, now, resides and works in California.

“My art takes a critical view on social and cultural issues. Inspired by vibrant hues and exotic textures, my abstract figurative forms depict human nature and the nature of women. I focus on the
differences between Eastern and Western cultures, and I challenge the boundaries between tradition and modernity.  I believe that my role as a teacher at Modest Fly Art Studio Gallery is to help spread my artistic knowledge and pave a way for our students to come into their own and create what is unique to them and only them.”
- Lilia Davoodian