Well, here it goes… my first blog post after so many years… Parenting has got me in a puzzle these days more than ever. I have two little girls now and they’re both grown past the diaper stages (with the exception of my little one who just recently has been following the “listen to your body” instructions and is super excited to flush the toilet all on her own… (Work in progress… Fingers crossed) These days, my older one dresses herself, feeds herself, has homework responsibilities, and clean-up duties, but as each day passes, this thing called parenting baffles me more and more. Now, there are talks about being kind, being helpful, not lying, outfits and hairdos, schedules and running late (almost always).. It’s  a mess of stuff that just makes me feel like the feeding, burping, and changing was so much easier. I am the mom who disciplines and explains the difference between right and wrong (yes, I try, while, at times, losing my shit!) but, sometimes I wonder if Im doing this right. Sometimes, I wish someone could just reassure me that I did right. I guess, we have to move through this trying our best, and, God knows we all try our best. All in all, you can go through it with or without the right man next to you. The other day, I mentioned to someone, I’d give my husband the ‘Father of the Year Award’ helping me through all those nights of crying, teething, feeding, and now, dropping off at school and lending a hand when needed. I meant every word but my husband can be the best father without realizing what I am going through as a mother. That is due to the fact that men are from Venus and Women are from Mars but that’s a whole different blog post.

With all the endless moments of love and those priceless seconds of kisses and hugs, parenting is definitely one that can bring you down on your knees at some point, and make you feel as light as the clouds in another. Im not sure what the answers are… Im not sure I’ll ever know, but I do know that I’m trying my best to help my kids be at their highest potential as human beings as they can be. I am definite that no matter what any mom, working full time, part time, or stay at home is doing, they’re doing their best. Its all we can do and with that, hopefully, one day, if I keep trying my best, they’ll see how hard I tried and how much my life and love was spent on them, because with them, and all that we go through, every second is worth it. There are so many ways and perspectives that can be explained when it comes to motherhood, but all that matters at the end of the day is knowing how important we are to these little humans and what a big difference we can make in their lives and the future of this place we call home. Mommas, be patient and breathe. Know that we are all going through this thing called ‘motherhood’ together… give yourself a pat on the back and remember to kiss them endlessly while you can. Know that if you never feel appreciated, us mommas know exactly what you’re going through. Just breathe… and take it one day at a time.

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