What we


"Our mission is to inspire creative thinking, advance artistic abilities, and strengthen our inner and outer communities by sharing our love of art."

At Modest Fly Art Studio Gallery we are dedicated to promoting and advancing individuals through visual arts. We are a collective of artists who teach through an ongoing series of art classes, gallery shows, creative workshops, and outreach programs. We believe that art is a healing power and that art programs help individuals, their communities, and societies at large. We advocate for creative development and facilitate the use of art as a restorative tool for all ages, young and old. We empower these such artists and share our voice and knowledge with them to make the world a better place one stroke at a time.

Who We Are

Modest Fly Art was established in 2009 and has since been a space for the creative arts. Beginning as a personal workspace, to having monthly art shows with artists all over the community, then, to teaching art to people of all ages. Today, Modest Fly Art is trying to become something bigger than itself and surpass what it has already accomplished.

In the past few years, it has been an art studio that offers people of all ages the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of art, including drawing, painting, mixed media, collage, and some sculpture. It has been, and is, a place of unique, creative thinking, and doing. We feel most proud of the curriculum that we have set for our students coming in, no matter their skill level. Each student goes through a set of assigned projects to learn or enhance their understanding of the basics and fundamentals with a Modest Fly Art trained instructor. We begin by working individually with each new student while teaching the process of working with their materials and mixing colors as we move onto shapes and forms. When goals are met and we feel they are well set in their fundamentals, we send them off on their own ideas and projects of choice.


We are always stressing the importance of the joy and love of art rather than getting caught up in the frustration of technicalities. We believe that if the love of art is present, then the rest will come with time and practice. With all that is going on daily at the studio, we are now embarking on a new journey. As we keep our teaching quality at its highest potential, we are becoming a non-profit organization. We are adding to our goals and would like to reach out to more people who lack art in their lives. Our mission is to bring art and creativity to those who do not have such luxuries and opportunities in their lives. We are ready to spread the love of art to the parts of the world that are hopeless and artless!